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Dog Day Care Edinburgh

What is a “USA Style” Doggy Day Care Centre?

We are very happy & excited to announce that we will be opening our first Franchised

“Luxury Doggy Day Care Centre”
In Edinburgh Summer Time 2013!

Our new dog day care centre and puppy day care centre will be a replica model of our Luxury Doggy Day Care Premises in Stirling. With all the same gold standards and excellent ethics that we hold so high as our business values.

We will be operating a completely transparent dog day care centre in Edinburgh providing
Live Interactive Webcams or a phone app (The ipooch)
so you can watch, hear, record, talk and take pictures of your dog or puppy the whole day! Either by laptop, tablet, computer or on your phone through 3G or 4G networks!

(pictures by David McNie)
The above picture is the ipooch app on ipad with Shirley the Safe Paws owner with two of her “clients” at Doggy Day Care getting a cuddle.

We are the only doggy day care centre
in the whole of the UK to offer this service!

We are not based out in the countryside with dogs spending the majority of their day outdoors, so we can guarantee your dogs will not be mucky, cold or soaking wet when they get home.

Our centres are based on the “USA Style” Doggy Day Care concept within a specially selected commercial premises which is transformed into doggy heaven including our inside flooring being an inch thick and non slip rubber (for precious paws and ease on joints) and our outside play zones all astro turfed and smooth concrete. The dogs have full access to both areas throughout the day.

At Safe Paws Doggy Day Care your dog is not locked in a kennel all day or sent to someone’s home as some people still class this as “dog day care”. The true meaning of dog day care or doggy day care originated from the United States over 25 years ago with purpose built, licenced facilities that are completely dog proof, insured, licenced and fully secure.

Safe Paws Doggy Day Care owner trained in the United States and brought the concept of “USA Style” Doggy Day Care back to Scotland.

Your dog will receive lots of love an affection, basic training, play and of course lots of fun socialising with his friends in properly screened and supervised “dog packs” or “playgroups”.

We think our doggy day care centre is simply the best and we guarantee at the end of your dogs day with us he will be happy and totally exhausted. You will not need to walk him in the pouring rain or dark after work, all he will want is a cuddle, his dinner and then his bed!

Safe Paws Doggy Day Care Centre Edinburgh will be Fully Council Licenced & Insured and hopefully coming soon!

To be placed on our waiting list please use the contact form or email icon below or give us a buzz for more information:-


TEL: 0845 46 77 297

Skye and Alfie at Safe Paws Puppy Day Care